How to self-repair issues of Dreame T20 cordless vacuum in UAE

How to self-repair issues of Dreame T20 cordless vacuum in UAE

This episode will teaches you how to can solve the issue by yourself of T20 occurs

00:00​​​​ Battery Overheating Fully charging will take about 4 hours. Vacuuming at Turbo mode for a prolonged period will cause the battery to heat up, which increases charging time. Please wait and continue to use after motor temperature is normal.

00:24​ Roller brush stuck If there is a state of Roller brush stuck,we need clean the rollerbush. Use scissor to cut off the hairs and fibers that stick on the roller brush. The correct operation is collect the data cables and wired headphones in the house to avoid getting involved in the vacuum cleaner before using it.

00:47 Air duct blocked If Air duct blocked happens, check whether the dust compartment extension rod, and smart multi-brush bar are blocked to make sure clean the air duct in time.

00:55​ Crevice Nozzle Crevice Nozzle is suitable for vacuuming cracks, corners of doors and windows, stairs, and other hard-to-reach places.

01:02​ Error If Error appears in the display, please contact our after-sales service personnel for maintenance.

01:14 Cleaning the dust compartment The vacuum cleaner's cleaning ability will be reduced if the dust compartment is filled to the "MAX" mark. Press the dust compartment bottom cover release button, then empty the contents. Push the dust compartment release switch in the direction indicated by the arrow, then gently remove the dust compartment from the vacuum cleaner. (It is recommended to clean the dust compartment once every month.)

02:02 Cleaning the cyclone assembly Remove the pre-filter first (It is recommended to clean the pre-filter at least once every 3 months and the cyclone system at least once every 6 month) then lift the handle of the cyclone assembly and turn to counterclockwise until it stops, then pull to lift out the cyclone assembly. Rinse the cyclone assembly, pre-filter and dust compartment until they are clean. After washing, air dry at least 24 hours.

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