Jusinhel's Q&A .(A Local Offline & Online Service Company in Uae)

Jusinhel's Q&A .(A Local Offline & Online Service Company in Uae)

This is the question our clients ask us most often.

1. Q:Why is our price always cheaper than amazon's?
    A:Because the customer comes to us directly to buy without extra service fee of the platform.

2. Q:Why do we offer customers to buy from amazon and noon?

  A:Because many customers trust amazon and noon more, their logistics services are better than ours.

3. Q:Why are our prices sometimes more expensive than those on amazon?         
Because our staff forgot to adjust the price.

4. Q:Why are our products available on many platforms?
    A:Because we don't know where customers like to buy.

5. Q:Why do our products sometimes have Chinese fonts?
     A:Because of xiaomi or deerma, many of the latest products don't have international versions.Many customers expect us to provide them.We thought if we had one customer who wanted it, maybe someone else wanted it, too.But when you have any difficulty and don't know how to use it.Our customer service staff will help you immediately.

6. Q:Where is your company?Can you guarantee it?
Our warehouse is in sharjah and our sales staff is in dubai. If you have any products you need, you can contact him via Whatsapp or call him. The products will be traded in the dubai store.If you don't like anything, you can cancel it on the spot.We often have activities for customers to pick up goods.I hope you are the lucky one.We offer different warranty for different products.


Jusinhel is committed to providing more products to people living in the gulf.If you have any products you like that you can't find in uae or Saudi Arabia.Or find a place that costs too much.You can contact us, we will provide you with a better price and more products.


Jusinhel -- your home helper.Connect all kinds of good products.

 Jusinhel_life:A UAE home service company

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