Landscape in the Palm of Your Hand-Glass Designer-Siyu Liu

Landscape in the Palm of Your Hand-Glass Designer-Siyu Liu

Designer Siyu Liu

New designer Siyu Liu, graduated from Politecnico di Milano, Italy (No.1 in the same year), is a new media visual artist and crossover designer who has been working with designers in the Navi-glio canal art district in Milan for years. ciccognani, the origin of the concept is a combination of modern design and craftsmanship. At the same time, it brings a unique insight into Chinese culture to export the traditional Chinese aesthetics to the works.

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Shiyu Liu grew up in Yuelu Mountain with her father, who studied ancient architecture, and has heard and seen the aesthetics of ancient Chinese architecture and objects. The new pattern is described as "a perfect balance of thickness and density". This iconic design is a grounded combination of modern craftsmanship, and the series of glass glazed products, such as "Flame", "Drunk", "Listen to the Sea" and "Meditation", have brought a different Chinese spirit and have won numerous awards.

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