What do I need to know when buying a glass?

What do I need to know when buying a glass?

Glass is usually made of inorganic silicates fired at high temperatures, the chemical composition is more stable, will not generate harmful substances, is the first choice for drinking water.
In the choice of glass, but also to pay attention to, glass cups are also divided into different materials, what material glass drinking water is healthier?

If you don't have time to read more, this is a brief introduction.

Sodium Calcium Glass
Not easy to break, but easy to break when too cold or too hot.
Ideal for drinks, cocktails, and other beverages that don't require heating.

Tempered Glass
Heavy, unbreakable, medium temperature difference.
Whiskey glasses.

High borosilicate glass
Resistant to high and low temperatures. It will not be easily broken when you take it out of the refrigerator.
Common household glass.

Crystal Glasses
Red wine glass.

Sodium calcium glass
Sodium calcium glass is generally thicker and heavier, there is no problem to load cold water, but very cold that is easy to blow up, if you have to use, you can first pour some hot water in the cup to warm the cup body.

Characteristics: Temperature tolerance is about 50°C, generally thicker, has seam lines, and is more impact resistant than borosilicate.

Tempered Glass
The ordinary soda-lime glass depth reprocessing, tempering treatment is tempered glass cup. Toughened glass has improved its own strength, not easy to break, the maximum temperature does not exceed 300 ℃.

Introduction: also known as reinforced glass, mold pressing, impact resistance, not easy to break, rupture will become a small piece,

Features: temperature difference tolerance of about 130 ° C, better than soda-lime glass, weaker than borosilicate glass, generally thicker.

Borosilicate Glass
Borosilicate glass cup's main components are boron trioxide and silicon dioxide, cold and hot will not blow up, even if accidentally broken, broken glass fragments are also big and fast, not only easy to clean up, but also to avoid being hurt 👍.
Borosilicate glass cups are also divided into high, medium and low borosilicate glass, usually we commonly see high borosilicate glass cups, high borosilicate can withstand a temperature difference of more than 150 ℃, low borosilicate can withstand a temperature difference of more than 100 ℃.

Crystal Glass
Crystal glass is generally better looking, but is the most risky kind of glass. Divided into crystal glass with lead and crystal glass without lead

Features:Made of advanced glass materials, high transparency, high refractive index, crystal clear, high price, fragile. Crystal is divided into: natural crystal, artificial crystal, close to the natural crystal high leaded glass

1) Leaded crystal glass
Leaded crystal glasses are actually made by adding lead, barium and other metal elements into the glass material, so that the brightness and translucency of the glass are greatly improved, close to natural crystal, and there will be a very crisp sound when you knock on the glass body. However, if you use leaded crystal glasses and acidic drinks for a long time, the lead elements will dissolve into the acidic liquid, and long-term consumption will lead to lead poisoning.

2) Lead-free glass cups
Due to the hidden danger of lead-containing elements, now there is a lead-free crystal glass, compared with the crystal glass containing lead, lead-free crystal does not contain lead elements, harmless to the body, the price will be higher, but the lead-free glass is poor in low-temperature resistance, afraid of the cold, and will freeze and crack if you put it directly in the refrigerator.


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