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Bo's Vacuum Freshness Box

Bo's Vacuum Freshness Box

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Bo's Vacuum Freshness Box Fruit Box Lunch Box Portable Student Children Plastic Food Sealed Box Vacuum Kitchen Storage
Product material: PCTG
Product color: white
Application: Refrigerate at room temperature
Heat resistance: -20-99 ℃ 

Precautions for use
1. Can be used in refrigerators and dishwashers, not in ovens and microwave ovens.
2. When the airbag is evacuated, you can stop pumping.
3. After putting in high-temperature ingredients, don't draw air immediately. After refrigerating and freezing, it should be placed at normal temperature and then opened.
4. If you are carrying liquid food when you go out, please make sure that the fresh-keeping box has reached the vacuum state. Failure to evacuate will cause the sealing to decrease.
5. Do not open the cover forcibly under vacuum.
6. Do not use steel ball for cleaning, remember not to contain corrosive liquid
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