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V2COM Electric Melon Seed Machine

V2COM Electric Melon Seed Machine

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Automatic peeling melon seed artifact opener lazy man opener child auxiliary opener electric melon seed machine

Bullet Points:
1、Enjoy Happiness: This melon seed machine can not only bring the fun of peeling melon seeds, but also enjoy the happiness of peeling interaction.
2、Optical Detection: Optical detection, quick opening of melon seed shell. Optical detection, immediate action when placed (melon seeds), time-saving and convenient, quick opening of the shell.
3、Protect Teeth and Avoid Damage: Frequent eating of melon seeds can cause tooth damage such as melon seeds and teeth. This product will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.
4、Distinguish Good and Bad Seeds: Eating melon seeds will directly eat the bad melon seeds. This product will solve this problem for you. The optical detection avoids the bad melon seeds.
5、Obvious Advantages: Compared with traditional hand peeling melon seeds, this melon seed sheller has obvious advantages in speed and will not cause finger skin damage due to long-term contact with melon seeds.
1. Optical detection, intelligent anti-pinch design, sensitive switch, large torque motor, long battery life, small and portable, quick opening of the shell, type-c charging, control chip.
2. Sensitive and Open Switch: User-friendly, light feedback, smooth use.
3. High-torque Motor: The casing is opened efficiently, and the large-torque geared motor is matched with optical detection to reduce damage to the casing and realize efficient opening of the casing.
4. Protect Teeth and Avoid Damage: Eating melon seeds often causes tooth damage, this product will effectively avoid damage and protect teeth.
5. Distinguish Good and Bad Seeds: The bad seeds will affect people's health.
6. All-day battery life, long-term use, automatic fallback, and safety protection. The single-chip intelligent algorithm prevents accidental finger injury.

Size: about 65x70x72mm/2.56*2.76*2.83 inch
Charging method: type-c charging
Working temperature: 10-45℃
Input: DC5.0V 1.0A (typical)
Battery capacity: 1000mAh (3.7v)
Power: 0.5w

Packing List:
1*Peeling Machine
1*Data Line

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