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LunaCoffee Finespresso58 Pneumatic Espresso Machine

LunaCoffee Finespresso58 Pneumatic Espresso Machine

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LunaCoffee Finespresso58 Pneumatic Espresso Machine

This product does not include the air supply unit and 58MM powder.

Finespresso58 breaks the conventional pneumatic coffee machine structure, using the shell and liner separation design, that is, the shell only pressure does not touch the water, the liner does not touch the water pressure.

The benefits of such a design:

1, the use of food-grade high-temperature plastic liner can achieve excellent thermal insulation effect, to ensure that the extraction temperature to achieve free preheating;

2, easy to clean and take care of the extraction is completed only need to clean the handle and liner, the shell does not need to be cleaned, so that the benefits can be realized wall;

3, to protect the gas pump is not bothered by water vapor, Finespresso58 pressure relief only dry compressed gas, the inlet pipe does not have water backflow, greatly reducing the number of water vapor, the Finespresso58 is the most efficient way to reduce the pressure. Inlet pipe does not exist water reflux, greatly reducing the failure rate of the air pump;

4, pressure relief stop extraction response quickly after the pressure relief immediately stop extraction, almost eliminating the water pan this accessory, the production process is clean and fresh;

5, the overall structure is simple and reliable, easy to operate and conducive to the operation of the novice.

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