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Lydsto Digital Alcohol Tester

Lydsto Digital Alcohol Tester

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Lydsto Digital Alcohol Tester Professional Alcohol Detector Breathalyzer Police Alcotester LCD Digital Display

Digital alcohol tester with audible alert.
LCD display for easy reading.
Quick response and resume.
Detect range: 0-0.199% BAC; 0-1.990‰ BAC; 0-0.995mg/L
Small size with key chain, light weight, easy to carry.
Powered by 3 AAA  batteries.(Not included)

Color: Black
Sensor: Advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
Warm up time: Within 10 seconds
Response time: Within 5 seconds
Item size: Approx. 112 * 61 * 29mm

Package included:

1 * Breath alcohol tester

* Mouthpieces
1 * Storage bag

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