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Lydsto R1 with Smart Station Innovation & Intelligence Robot Auto Vacuum Cleaner 

Lydsto R1 with Smart Station Innovation & Intelligence Robot Auto Vacuum Cleaner 

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    Low Noise APP Control Sweep Mop Auto Emptying Dust Integrated Vacuum Cleaner Robot Xiaomi Lydsto R1

    Robot vacuum cleaner - Auto vacuum cleaner - 200ml dust tank - Intelligent tank emptying - 2700 Pa suction power - LDS laser sensor - 5200 mAh battery - Automatic charging and restarting - Anti-fall technology

    We are in love with the new Lydsto R1. For us, the lack of time cannot stop us from having our house always spectacular. Lydsto makes a name for itself, bringing a new model of robot vacuum cleaner, with a really competitive price and scandalous performance. If you don't believe it, judge for yourself: it has spectacular power, all kinds of sensors with 360º vision and its mop to keep your whole house clean. And don't forget its smart station, capable of emptying its tank in an intelligent way. Spectacular, isn't it? Well, keep reading and you'll fall in love with it like we did.

    Innovation Lies In The Tank
    Robot vacuum cleaners are generally impressive. Now the next revolution comes at the docking stations. The charging station is now much more than that... It includes a self-emptying container to automatically empty the contents of the tank, leaving it always ready to operate after each charge. Even if we are away from home for a few days you will not have any problem with this model working. It also has deodorising and anti-bacterial technologies. It will always be working, all without any problem, being one of the best models you will have in your house.

    Supreme Cleanliness
    This smart home cleaning device is able to effectively sweep and mop by itself. This is all thanks to its LDS laser sensor, which scans your home, detects obstacles and generates maps like never before, and can even be used to keep several floors clean. With a variety of sensors, this model will also carry out a completely safe cleaning. Sensors like its level sensor with which it will detect steps and prevent falls. In addition, it will be able to detect obstacles and not bump into them. And it can even easily climb obstacles up to 20 mm high.

    Works automatically

    The automatic charging and resume function is another feature that makes this a smart vacuum cleaner. This way, when your vacuum finishes its cleaning tasks or its battery level is low, it will automatically go to its charging station. And, if it hasn't finished with its cleaning plan, it will remember where it left off to go back there and continue its work after charging.

    2700 Pa Power
    An outstanding model in terms of cleanliness and power. You won't have to worry about the hours before receiving guests. It will leave your house clean just by walking around it. Thanks to its brushless motor, as well as being quiet, this robot vacuum cleaner has a power suction of 2700 PA, a great suction power to catch all kinds of dust, hair and particles. And it will give you everything you need.

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    Technical Specifications Lydsto R1 with Smart Station Black - Robot Vacuum Cleaner:
    General parameters
    Brand: Lydsto
    Model: R1
    Colour: black
    Functions: Sweep, Vacuum, Mop
    Technical parameters
    Suction power: 2700 Pa
    Vacuum rated power: 50W
    Rated power of automatic emptying station: 1000W
    Vacuum reservoir capacity: 200 ml
    Station tank capacity: 3 L
    Battery capacity: 5200 mAh
    Quanzhi MR112 Processor, Dual

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