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Oceanrich CR8350AD Automatic Coffee Machine

Oceanrich CR8350AD Automatic Coffee Machine

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Oceanrich CR8350AD Automatic Coffee Machine Drip Coffee Maker Glass Pot Americano Percolator for Home Office Kitchen Appliances

3'20" Becoming a professional pour over coffer barista.The coffee machine with intelligent programming was designed to simulate "Golden Cup Norm" of the Japanese pour over coffee master, and it can calculate the most difficult to grasp the water flow speed, constant water injection speed, water injection height and other data information for a cup of top pour over coffee. Achieve a reasonable extraction rate, you can brew master-class original coffee at any time.


1.Insert the batteries
Remove all movable parts from the coffee maker before turning the appliance upside down.Insert the batteries into the battery compartment,respecting the +/- marking(NOTE: DO NOT use any informal battery,suggesting 1.5V AA batteries).
2.Clean before use
Clean water tank,lid,carafe,filter basket and coffee spoon with warm and mild detergent.Thoroughly dry off afterwards
3.Insert paper filter
Fold the paper filter at the seam and insert into the filter.
4.Add ground coffee
Add your favorite amount of ground coffee.Shake slightly the filter basket to make ground coffee spread out evenly.
5.Set up the coffee maker
Insert the filter basket into the filter stand and set back the carafe and the water tank into the housing.
6.Switch on
Swich the ON/OFF up LED comes on and water tank starts to rotate(NOTE:Built-in with 5 min auto shut off function.In case if not rotating,switch ON/OFF again to restart).
7.Pour hot water
Pour the desired amount of 96°(204.8℉) hot water into the water tank considering the marking for 1 or 2 cups. Set back the lid onto the water tank.
While the water tank is rotating,the water flows slowly and evenly into the coffee filter.The brewing time is roughly 3-4 minutes.
9.Switch off
Once the water completely runs through the filter,you can switch off the coffee maker.
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