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Oclean x pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Oclean x pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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Does it support cash on delivery?

Yes,.We support cash on delivery, installment payment, credit card payment.

Is there a product warranty?

Hello, dear friend, we offer 12 months free warranty service. Beyond 12 months, we offer extra parts and 30% discount on all accessories.

Can I go to the warehouse to check the products and pick them up?

It is possible. You can contact Mr.leon for a pre-buy inspection at our warehouse or after-sales service. If you don't want the product, we will also give you a small gift to thank you for your support.

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Oclean x pro Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Color touch Screen: Brushing quality feedback, direct blind zone detection reminder. High Cleaning Efficiency: With 42,000 frequency magnetic brushless motor and high-end 3D designed bristles. High Brushing Personalization: With 32 intensity levels, 4 modes, 20 preset plans and hundreds of customizable plans. Built-in Sensor: For over brushing detection & 8 blind zone detection. Superior Charging Experience: Up to 40 days battery life, 2 hours fast charging and 2-in-1 charger + holder.


Al-Powered brush with a color display designed to help you brush better

Blind Zone Detection Never Miss A Spot

Built-in 6-axis gyroscope detects brushing motion and generates blind zone reports based on your brushing technique

Al-controlled pressure sensitive technology

No more damage, bleeding, or discomfort from brushing

Streamlined 2-in-1Charger+Holder

Mounts magnetically to the wall or mirror to save space when not charging .The brush holds full 30 days of battery life on a single charge

Upgraded Cleaning Power

42000rpm Brushless Motor, Clean at Sonic Speed . Long motor life, low noice

Easy to set up Auto-stop timer

Preset unique brushing plans based on personal preference

The First Brush to Put All the Information You Need in The Palm of Your Hand

32 Levels Adjustable Easily Set on Screen

Oclean App for los & Android

Blind zone overview, brushing report.brushing plan customization

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