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V2COM Foldable Water Pump -202105183

V2COM Foldable Water Pump -202105183

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▪ More hygienic to store
Get rid of the trouble of being easily dirty when the outlet of the traditional water pump is exposed, and the water is more clean, and every time you take water, you can feel comfortable.
▪ Innovative design
The structure adopts the form of a rotating shaft, and the water supply pipe can automatically bounce up when the raised part on the top is moved.
▪ Compatible with a variety of bottled water
The mainstream bottled water in the market can be easily adapted without changing the machine.
▪ In an instant, enjoy straight drinking.
Equipped with a powerful booster water pump, high-efficiency water discharge, instantly filling a glass of water.
▪ Two operations
For different durations, different amounts of water, take what you need.
▪ Wireless use, anytime, anywhere
Built-in battery, get rid of the location restriction of traditional water dispenser.
▪ TYPE-C charging port
Adapter direct charging, mobile power supply, computer USB interface, etc.
▪ Long battery life
No need to charge frequently.
▪ The assembly is firm and not easy to loosen.
Ingeniously adapted design, it can tightly fit most large barrels of small-caliber bottled water, and there is no worries when using it.
▪ Light push to close
Gently push down and close up after each use, which is neat and hygienic.

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