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V2com Full Automatic Intelligent Can Sealing Machine

V2com Full Automatic Intelligent Can Sealing Machine

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V2com Full Automatic Intelligent Can Sealing Machine Non Rotary Plastic PET Tin Jar Beer Cans Seamer Size Customized


1.Seaming rollers are made of stainless steel with high hardness and never rusty with excellent sealing performance.

2.Electric appliance parts all use brand high end elements with reliable and steady performance.

3.The product is mainly appropriate to seal all kinds of rounded PET can, tin can, aluminumcan and paper can . It is necessary and ideal packaging equipment of food, medicine, tea,
chemical engineering and other industries.
Product Introduction
This Intelligent Automatic Sealing Machine is suitable for sealing aluminum cans,PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes within the height of 45-200mm and sealing cans diameter of 45-100mm.

This model can reach the speed of sealing 20Pcs/min per machine and the power is only 0.14KW,which is very efficient and economic
from our customers' feedback.

1. Sealed tight
Efficient and fast, 3 seconds sealing can,the operation to make the bottle seal tighter
2. Emergency stop button press
this button in an emergency, and stop the operation urgently, the machine is safe and reliable
3. Smart panel
Place the can in the tray and turn the handle until end. After the aluminum cover is placed on the upper middle fixing ring,pressthe green start button to automatic sealing the can.
Solid steel sealing steel ring
Sturdy and wear-resistant,the sealed cans can't leak
4. Cup Base
We will provide two cup base

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