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V2com Portable Washing Machine 2.8L 12W Mini Washing Machine

V2com Portable Washing Machine 2.8L 12W Mini Washing Machine

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Portable Washing Machine 2.8L 12W Mini Washing Machine For Wash Socks Underwear Blu-ray Antibacterial Washing Machine Bucket

Material: ABS
Capacity: 2.8L
Power: 12W
motor:Two-way pulsator motor
Color: white, blue, green
Product size: 17*16*22cm
Function: two-way pulsator motor, blue antibacterial light
Package list: product + cover + DC adapter

1. Open the lid of the washing machine, put socks or small pieces of clothing in; add an appropriate amount of laundry detergent, and the amount of water can flow over the surface of the clothing, then close the lid.
2. Plug in the power plug, press and hold the "Switch/Start/Stop" button for 2 seconds, then turn on the phone with a beep.
3. During the running process, touch the power button to pause, touch again to continue running, and it will automatically shut down if the pause exceeds 10 minutes.
4. The washing machine rotates forward for 15 seconds, stops for 3 seconds, and then rotates backward for 15 seconds and stops for 3 seconds. This keeps working for 15 minutes and stops automatically.

1. Please use the DC12V power supply/current adapter equipped with this product, otherwise the machine may be damaged.
2. Do not wash the shell of the washing machine with water, especially the base part, otherwise it will damage the washing machine. Wipe the body with a wrung out cloth.
3. The product should be used in a flat place to avoid the product dumping in an uneven place.

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