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XIAOMI Deerma Electric Heater Fan

XIAOMI Deerma Electric Heater Fan

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  • -The body is only the size of an iPad mini, and it can be placed in a small corner near the table feet, which will not hinder children and your feet.
  • -It is light and light, and it is lighter than a thermos filled with water, and it will not increase the burden in the bag.
  • -The whole machine can be directly used in a socket type, which is easy and convenient; it can also be used to extend the range of use by concealing the power cord, and the power cord can be stored after turning on the buckle.
  • -Built-in ceramic heating element with high thermal efficiency, it only takes about 5 seconds from heating to air release, and it will be warm soon.
  • -Equipped with sensitive temperature control, with automatic constant temperature capability, the output warm air temperature is constant in the range of 60 ° C-90 ° C, and it will not be suddenly cold or hot.
  • -Fence-type converging air supply not only divides the warm air into a bunch of beams, allowing the warmth to spread instantly, but also the condensate erupts, sending out a long-distance warm current, so that the warmth is surrounded by a wide area.
  • -The ceramic PTC heating element is used, which is safe and stable and heats fast and well.
  • -Set up 3 safety guarantees, systematically protect with peace of mind, giving you and your child a sense of stability and security.
  • -The heating power is only 250W, not afraid of power limitation, energy saving and low power consumption.
  • -Two-speed wind speed can be selected freely, heating is according to your needs.
  • -Set a 5-segment timer function to let you easily select the appropriate heating time.
  • -By default, it will shut down at 4h by default to avoid the safety hazard of forgetting to shut down.
  • -Abandon the dazzling design of "Little Sun" and only output warm air without emitting bright light that hurts the eyes.
  • -Smooth wind path design, reduce wind resistance, reduce the sound of wind when entering and leaving the wind, and place it beside your feet, it will not disturb the busy you or children sleeping lightly.
Warm your feet and warm your whole body
The feet are far away from the heart, and the blood circulation is poor.
After sitting for a long time in winter, it will inevitably become cold and stiff,
and the whole body will be frozen.When the feet feel warm, they are instantly transmitted
to the whole body,feeling surrounded by the warm sun, no longer afraid of cold stars.
Study / office struggle with warmth by your feet
The child sits and writes his homework for a long time. You and I rush to work at my desk,
turn on the Delma mini heater at the feet, and dispel the deep winter chill with the warm current,
warm from the feet to the whole body, and learn the work inspiration.
Product model: DEM-NFO3
Rated power: 250W
Rated voltage / frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
Noise: ≤50dB
Product size: 182.5 * 87 .5 * 107mm
Material: PBT, PP
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.23- -2007
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