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XREAL Air2 / Air2 Pro Smart Ar Glasses

XREAL Air2 / Air2 Pro Smart Ar Glasses

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XREAL Nreal Air 2 Pro Smart AR Glasses HD 130 Inches Space Giant Screen Private Cinema Portable 1080p View VS Rokid Max Glasses

XReal Air 2 series includes two AR eyewear products: fully upgraded in core dimensions such as display, wearing comfort, and audio, and experiencing the industry-leading benchmark AR eyewear - the XReal Air 2.
Innovative addition of electrochromic technology on the basis of Air 2 to adapt to different lighting environments, achieving the flagship AR glasses - XReal Air 2 Pro - suitable for all scenarios, all weather.
The main upgrade points of XReal Air 2 are as follows:
1. Accurate color calibration for each set before leaving the factory, T Å V Rhine color calibration test Δ E < 3, is the world's first XR device to obtain the German Rhine T Å V color standard certification;
2. The world's first Sony 0.55 "Micro OLED screen, with a smaller size and a 21% increase in screen pixel density compared to the previous generation (0.68"), reaching 4032ppi.
3. Seven ergonomic upgrades: weighing only 72g, a new benchmark for lightweight comfort;
4. X-Spatial Sound 2.0 Concealed Space Sound Field: Better sound quality and stronger privacy.
The XReal Air 2 Pro innovatively incorporates electrochromic technology on the basis of the XReal Air 2, making it the world's first AR glasses to achieve mass production and application of electrochromic technology. It solves the limitations of light conditions on AR glasses and greatly expands the usage scenarios of AR glasses.
The XReal Air 2 Pro electrochromic supports three speed adjustment:
One level "home mode", capable of operating in the 0-300lux lighting range, suitable for home environments with moderate and simple lighting conditions;
Second level "travel mode", suitable for the 0-1000lux illumination range, suitable for public places with high or complex lighting, such as offices, cafes, airplanes, cars, high-speed trains, etc;
Three level "outdoor mode", suitable for the 0-100000lux range, suitable for daytime outdoor environments with very high light intensity, and compatible with all lighting environments.
It is reported that the XReal Air 2 Pro has controlled the thickness of the electrochromic film to within 1mm, adjusted the response time to be less than 100ms, and adjusted it instantly to change color,

making the application of electrochromic technology in AR devices reach a highly mature level.

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