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iCafilas Mini Q Automatic Coffee Machine

iCafilas Mini Q Automatic Coffee Machine

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1.Precise Temperature Control: With temperature control system, better extraction and taste, precise control of water temperature to be a perfect taste.
2. Capacity: The maximum capacity of the water tank is 240ml; The maximum capacity of powder tray is 20G It has the function of heating water and is small in size Private coffee machine
3.Instructions for Use: Insert the power, press the switch, the orange light will flash for about 20 seconds to preheat, and the light will turn white after preheating; Pull out the powder bin and open the cover; Fill in the coffee powder, and press the lid with a little bit; Insert the powder bin; Open the water tank cover to fill water, or lift the water tank up to fill water, and then install it back down to the water tank; Press the top switch, and the white flashes to make coffee; When the white turns to flicker and turns to constant light, it indicates that the coffee has been made.
4.Easy to Clean: Clean the body with a dry cloth; After making coffee, pour out the coffee grounds in the powder tray; Flush with water and clean with brush; After cleaning, put it back into the machine body or put the proofing cover on the drip pan to dry naturally.
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Material: ABS + 304 + silica gel + PA
Size: About 242x127x265mm/9.52x5x10.43inch
Voltage: 220V-240 or 110v120
Current: 5A
Frequency: 50hz
Power: 1400W

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