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Kingrinder K4 /K6 Coffee Grinder

Kingrinder K4 /K6 Coffee Grinder

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Kingrinder K4 /K6 manual coffee grinder portable mill 420stainless steel 48mm stainless steel Titanium plating burr



K6 Feature:

Made for all coffee preparation methods
All metal construction
All-round versatile grinder
48mm Heptagonal Stainless Steel Conical burrs Set Exterior adjustment design
60 clicks per round,16 μm per click
Friendly Cleaning
6.35mm drill compatible
Material-Aluminium body,CNC Stainless Steel burrs
Dimensions-180 X 55 X 52mm


The K4 grinder is tailor-made for the espresso.

The Hexagonal Titanium-Coated Burr design , The exterior design of 16 μm

The K6 grinder is the ultimate grinder of the combination for the functional features and the affordable price range among the industry.

The Heptagonal Stainless Steel Burr design,The exterior design of 16 μm

1 click = 16 μm & 1 round = 60 clicks

Exterior adjustment mechanism with 16 μm per click and 60 clicks per round allow you to dial freely. Making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table

Recommended Grind Settings:

Espresso Machine: 30-60 clicks
Moka Pot:60-90 clicks
AeroPress:60-90 clicks
Pourover: 90-120 clicks
Siphon: 90-120 clickse
French Press: 150 clicks
Chemex:160 clicks


The K4 grinder is the espresso grinder whereas likely to taste the sweet flavor with the medium and dark-roasted coffee beans.

The K6 grinder is a versatile grinder capable to grind various coffee, it could taste the sour fruit flavor on the light-roasted coffee beans.

My favorite grinder is the K6 for pour-over.    


Both K4 and K6 grinders are able to serve espresso with the same exterior adjustment of 60 clicks in around and there are 16 μm per click.

I personally favor the K4 grinder for espresso, the burr design is just perfect for it.

The 16 μm per click is the cherry on top.

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