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KSKIN anti hair loss and RP hair growth machine

KSKIN anti hair loss and RP hair growth machine

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KSKIN anti hair loss and RP RF technology EMS micro current hair growth machine

High-frequency waves in micro currents stimulate the second muscle movements, optimize
scalp micro-circulation, warm the hair follicles, and revitalize vitality.
Stimulates muscular tissue, the hair follicles will feel warm. It can improve the circulation of
hair follicles and rejuvenate vitality.
Enhance the micro-circulation of the scalp to rejuvenate the hair and make your hair come
back to health and shining.
Four types of LED light penetrate deep into the hair follicles to rejuvenate hair growth from
hair root let you hair back to health and shining.
Blue light: Adjust oil secretion to reduce the oil secretion of the scalp.
Red light: Nourish hair, improve the liveness of the scalp and enhance the nutrients absorption for the hair.
Pink light: Enhance iquid nutrients absorption.
Pink flash light: All-in-one effect to promote hair growth and let hair back to health and shining.
5.New concept design .
Four row of LED light ,10 RF Functional tooth comb
6 Loading tooth comb
7.Detachable liquid nutrient tank design
The brush can be used with hair restorer, hair care nutrients for better effect. The nutrient tank is detachable, easy to use and cleanse.

Function is introduced

• The four major LED colors go deep into the foundation. • Salon-level hair care SPA. • Lightweight and convenient for wireless use.
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