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Laserpecker 4 laser engraving machine

Laserpecker 4 laser engraving machine

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Laserpecker 4 laser engraving machine for All Common Materials portable machine metal laser engraving wood laser engraverLaserpecker 4-Dual light for all common materials
Innovative technology, awaiting experience

Dual light source design

10W 450nm blue light & 2W 1064nm infrared laser,covering almost all materials
450nm blue light:
Carve bamboo, wood, leather, paper, food, plastic, and part of metal products, colored glass, etc.Cut thin wooden boards, colored acrylic, etc;
1064nm infrared laser:Carve most metals and colored plastics

One-touch swipe to switch light sources

Movable sliding platform expand large area

Bundle with a sliding platform, it can be expanded to a maximum range of 160 * 300mm, allowing unrestricted creativity
From 4K to 8K,Upgrading Resolution
Supports 8K resolution and carving accuracy up to 0.01mm
Up to 2000mm/s fast engraving speed
Adopting industrial grade galvanometer high-performance design, the carving speed can reach 2000mm/s,which is 3 times faster than LP3.
Efficient batch engraving
Mobile slide and software multitasking program achieve batch engraving, higher efficiency, time-saving.
Carving different materials in one time
Rotation carving for irregular surface
Can easily carve conical, spherical, cylindrical, annular inner or outer walls and other shapes with a diameter of 3mm to 200mm
Dual red light-Focus precisly and simply
High precision stepper motor control bracket lifting combined with dual red light focusing technology to achieve precise focusing
Real time engraving preview positioning,moreconvenient
Two positioning preview modes for projecting borders and graphics, quickly and accurately determining the carving position
Unlimited customization for engraving at any angle
Electric bracket with multi angle carving, not limited by object size and size
High power cutting
10W blue light can cut 5mm thick wooden boards in one go
Multi application,meet different customized needs.
Gift Customization | Commercial Marking | Store Customization | Event Diversion | Home DIY | Maker Teaching
Better software to serve you
Independently developed software that adapts to multiple systems on mobile phones and computers. New creation and sharing modules have been added, allowing you to share your creations anytime and anywhere. The software promises lifelong free use and upgrade.
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