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Magic Killifish Egg Soil Fish Tank Science Can---MKSC

Magic Killifish Egg Soil Fish Tank Science Can---MKSC

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Magic Killifish Egg Soil Fish Tank















Live Magic Fishes Hatching from the Soil!?!

Please have look at the video (The temperature at that time was about 25℃)

We will tell the the package is toy for the custom,don't worry about that
We promise that we provide fish eggs that can be hatched! 
We check the quality very carefully before sending out to you.
Please pay attention to the correct method /ways to hatch Killi fish eggs:
1.The temperature is recommended to be around 25 °C, the lowest is 15 °C, and the maximum should not be raised above 32 °C.
2.Before adding water, please observe the state of the fish eggs.
If it is transparent, put it for a few more days, then add water. 
3.The water should not be more then 100 ml for one box of fish eggs !
4.Water quality is recommended to use bottled water or tap water that has been sun-dried for 3 days.
Generally, Cannot use cool boiled water for hatching fish egg
5.After the small fish hatched, raise for 3 days, then change the water gently for 1/5
6.Please remember that do not add any other additional equipment such as oxygen generators when the eggs are hatching.

Basic : Killi Fish Egg *2 boxes+Brine Shrimp * 1 bag+ Nutrients *1 bag+Straw*1
+Hatching tank*1+Spoon*1+Manual
Upgrade: Killi Fish Egg *3 boxes+Brine Shrimp *3 bag+ Nutrients *3 bag +Straw*1
+Hatching tank*1+Spoon*1+Manual+Stone *1 bag+Thermometer*1
Expansion:  Killi Fish Egg *2 boxes

1 box fish eggs will be about 20 piece eggs.
1 bag Brine Shrimp will be thousands of eggs .

So easy to hatch your own Fishes.

Fish egg soil + Fresh Water = Magic Fishes

Brine Shrimp Eggs + Nutrients + Fresh Water= Brine Shrimps

Magic Fish Eat Brine Shrimps =Grow Up

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