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Power Knee -2

Power Knee -2

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✅This product can resist 20KG with knee pads, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the knees.
✅Adjustable length, easy to disassemble stickers. Special manufacturing spring, strong rebound force.
✅When you pick up, your knee strength can be increased by 40KG.or  60KG (pro)
✅It can be worn inside and outside, and the length can be adjusted.
✅Breathable non-slip fabric with venting holes; suitable for climbing stairs, climbing, sports, etc.
✅With the booster, when the knee is folded, there will be a certain angle to start the elastic -force.

Material: cloth, PC, spring
Size: 29.5x28x27cm
Strength: Resist about 20kg/pcs, Boost about 30kg/pcs

Package including:

1 Pair x Knee Brace 

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