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Ringo Water Bottle 24OZ

Ringo Water Bottle 24OZ

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Ringo insulated mug water cup stainless steel sports water bottle magnetic magsafe cell phone holder catching up with the drama and taking pictures of cups

1.With a 90-degree hinge and adjustable positioning for both portrait and landscape use, Ringo™ ensures that your device is always at the perfect angle for that selfie, zoom call, or timer'ed group photo.

2.MagSafe technology is built-in to every iPhone 12 (launched in 2020) and above, so you don't need anything other than your phone to enjoy Ringo™.

If you don't have a MagSafe compatible phone or case, we developed a Magnetic Booster Ring that makes Ringo™ compatible with any device - including older iPhones, non-Apple phones, and even tablets like the iPad 12.9"!

Magnetic Booster Ring not included with Ringo. If you need one, please make sure to add one to your order.

3.The true usefulness of Ringo only really hits home once you've been using it for a while - and its uses are endless. Entertaining kids, keeping your phone off of the sand at the beach, using it at a bedside alarm, recording your tennis practice, your golf swing, your wake-surfing, using it to help you navigate while driving - how will you Ringo?

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