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The Force Tamper

The Force Tamper Coffee Powder Hammer Tools

The Force Tamper Coffee Powder Hammer Tools

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The force tamper with metal/wooden handle flat base 58.5mm Hand Press Coffee powder hammer Tools

If you choose "special" we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the style with you. Because the bottom pattern is more.

The default is 58.5mm. The special has 58.35mm to choose from.

The Base Parts Replacement Of The Force Tamper D-ripple/flat/waffle Base 58.35mm The Force Tamper Holder



The Force Tamper Coffee Powder Hammer Tools

Product features:

1. Horizontal limit design, no skew or inclination of powder pressing

2,. Constant pressure structure, with consistent powder pressing force each time, to ensure product quality and stability, and the pressure is adjustable 3. Impact type labor saving mechanism, which can easily generate large impact pressure, saving effort

Easy cloth powder

Squeeze the coffee powder with large impact force, tamping the gap and uneven distribution of the powder, reducing the requirements for powder distribution, and easily handling the caking problem

Adjustable pressure

Use the built-in adjusting ring to adjust the compaction force. The more it goes in, the tighter it is (clockwise). The factory pressure is about 10KG

Product introduction

Brand: The Force Tamper

Product name: Constant pressure coffee powder hammer

Weight: 315g (net weight)

Pressure: 20~40lbs adjustable

Material: stainless steel (main body), solid wood, aluminum

Accessories: silicone pad, velvet bag

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