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V2com Ceramic & Wood Nature Aroma Diffuser

V2com Ceramic & Wood Nature Aroma Diffuser

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V2com Ceramic & Wood Nature Aroma Diffuser

Ceramic matchingsolid wood textureNatural design aesthetics.
Inspired by nature, ceramics and solidwood are perfectly blended with rigorousaesthetic standards. The material is warmand delicate to the touch, making it morecomfortable and redefining elegance.Not only an aroma diffuser, but also ahome artwork.

Three usage modes,Both lights and fog canbe controlled independently.
Large amount of fog, good effect of diffusing fragrance, covering the space requirement of 20m2. The amount of fogcan be independently controlled and adjusted according to the environment

Triple noise reductionstructure, The noise islower than 28dB.
The internal design conforms to aerody-namics, reduces the flow path of liquidand gas,and reduces noise at the sourcethe built-in water barrier design ensuresthat there is no backflow of water splashes; the outer wall of ceramic is thickerand the sound insulation effect is excel-lent. Triple noise reduction structure, theoperating noise is lower than 28dB

Touchable buttonsAvoid base bulgingand key jamming
There are two independent touch buttons for light and fog volume, whichcan be turned on at the touch of abutton, and the experience is full. Thetouch button also effectively solves theproblem ofthermalexpansion and contraction of wood,avoiding the problemsof base expansion and key sticking.

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