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V2com Mini Pure Oil Diffuser

V2com Mini Pure Oil Diffuser

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V2com Mini Pure Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Machine Automatic Induction Portable Cute Aromatizador Difusor 10ml USB for Bedroom Office

Cannot use:
3. Resin essential oils cannot be used, such as cedar, frankincense, myrrh, etc.
4. Viscous essential oil, such as coconut oil, base oil, vanilla, sandalwood, etc., cannot be used.
Mixed essential oils should not contain these essential oils.

Commodity Attribute:

Power supply mode: charging
Functions: aromatherapy, mute, automatic sprayer
Applicable area: less than 30 m2
Shape: round
Water tank capacity: 10ml
Water shortage and power failure protection: Yes
Operation mode: portable
Number of fog outlets: 1
Color: white
Product specification: AM909 bubble fragrance machine
Whether it is dry proof: No
Material: PP
Style: Recommended
Style: Mini
Duration: 3-6h
Type: fogged
Built in battery or not: Built in battery
Product name: elf essential oil aromatherapy machine
Sensing range: 3m/120 degrees
Aromatherapy range: 30 square meters
Accessories: instruction manual, charging cable
Charging line battery: 3.7V,800mAh

Product Specification:

Size: 46x46 × 75.5mm
sensing range: 3m/120degree

Product Features:
4-gear spray, micro hole atomization, intelligent induction, artificial fragrance enhancement, fine atomization, no need to add water, low voice operation, ultra long endurance, portable and easy to carry, automatic fragrance expansion, automatic shutdown.

Usage Method:
1. Remove the cover, turn the aromatherapy machine over and insert the essential oil bottle, tighten it clockwise, and unscrew the essential oil bottle counterclockwise. (Note: Do not remove the throttle valve before inserting the bottle.)
2. Turn the aromatherapy machine vertically, long press the switch button for 2 seconds to start/stop the aromatherapy machine, and short press to select the gear.
3. Press and hold the first time (yellow light) for induction: the aromatherapy machine works for 2 seconds, each time it senses movement, it works for 2 seconds again.
4. Press the second (green light) light: work for 2 seconds, with an interval of 10 minutes.
5. Press the third time (blue light) Zhongxiang: work for 2 seconds, with an interval of 5 minutes.
6. Press the fourth (white light) fragrance: work for 2 seconds, with an interval of 1 minute.
7. The charging (red) indicator light is on, and the full indicator light is off.
8. Press and hold for 2 seconds to shut down.
Timing: automatic shutdown after 2 hours of operation by default.

Our test with citrus essential oil (oil consumption):
One spray consumes about 0.0185 ml of essential oil;
In the second gear mode, the fuel consumption for 2 hours is 0.222 ml;
In the three-gear mode, the fuel consumption is 0.444 ml after 2 hours of operation;
In the four-gear mode, the fuel consumption is 2.22 ml.
The first gear is the induction mode. It senses the movement and sprays once, and the fuel consumption is 0.0185 ml.

1. Fuel saving and rapid fragrance expansion: (First gear sensing mode can be adopted, and then gear 2 can be switched)
Rapid fragrance expansion in a large area (direct 4 blocks)
2. Evenly spread fragrance in the whole room: (First gear 1 sensing mode, continuously sensing several times, and then switching to gear 3)
The above is partial usage, more usage, waiting for your exploration...

Product Advantages:
1. Micro-porous atomization, good atomization, and rapid fragrance expansion; Spraying time of 4 models .
2. The sensor can intelligently sense within 3 meters, with an angle of 120 degrees, and the diffuser will automatically add fragrance.
3. No need to add water, low sound.
4. 800mA battery, 24 hours operation time.
5. Small size, easy to carry.
6. Automatic shutdown within 2 hours

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Clean the atomizing tablets with cotton swabs and alcohol at least twice a week, and clean the atomizing tablets every time a bottle of essential oil is used up.
1. Before cleaning, turn off the aromatherapy machine and unplug the USB cable.
2. Keep the aromatherapy machine upright and rotate counterclockwise to take out the essential oil bottle, and empty the oil tank to the other side of the spray port.
3. Use an empty essential oil bottle to clean and maintain 2ml of vinegar, 3 minutes of vinegar and 7 minutes of water. Keep it dry and keep it properly.
4. Turn the aromatherapy machine upside down, insert the essential oil bottle into the bottle, and turn it clockwise until it no longer sprays spray.
5. Keep the aromatherapy machine upright, turn it counterclockwise, and take out the empty essential oil bottle.
6. If it is necessary to clean the atomizing tablets quickly, use medical alcohol to start the machine and gently press the switch several times to achieve the cleaning purpose.

Package Content:
Aromatherapy machine * 1
Charging line
3M double-sided adhesive (if you put the product on the car, you can use this seamless double-sided adhesive to paste it)

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