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V2com Rechargeable Vintage Kerosene Garden Pinic Lamp

V2com Rechargeable Vintage Kerosene Garden Pinic Lamp

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Vintage Kerosene Garden Pinic Lamp Rechargeable Outdoor Plastic Lamp USB cable Charging Flameless LED Camping Lamp

The ‘Old Days’ lamp is a newly developed LED lamp that was designed to recapture those sentimental days when oil lamps were the only source of lighting for homes and businesses long before the era of electricity. Then the oil lamp was further developed into the kerosene lamp that was invented in 1850 by the Polish inventor and pharmacist, Igancy Lukasiewicz.
Kerosene Lamps
For generations, the kerosene lamp was used as the primary provider for light in areas without electricity. Areas of the world did not or still does not have access to electricity, so the kerosene lamp is still a source of lighting around the world today.
Our chief designer at Tubicen, Steven Sun has recreated a modern replica of the oil / kerosene lamp utilizing the latest LED control technology. This lamp is called "Old Days" to reminisce about Stephen’s childhood memories of reading and writing under oil lamps, when he was young.
Unique Lamp Base
The base of the Old Days lamp is uniquely designed to resemble the 6-petal lotus shaped flower, housing an additional LED light to achieve even more lighting from the bottom of the lamp as well from the actual glass shade.
Blow out the light
Another advantage of the Old Days table lamp is that this LED lamp can be turned off by just blowing into the
lamp or the usual way of just turning off the switch.
Flickering Wick
The Old Days LED table lamp captures the effect of the flickering wick of an oil lamp. The company developed movement sensors to show the flickering candle wick, so when you shake this lamp you will get the effect of the flickering flame of a candle.
Rotary Dimmer
Another benefit of the Old Days Lamp is the 10-Stage dimming control that you utilize using the unique rotary knob located at the base of the lamp shade.
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