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VSGO Air Blower

VSGO Air Blower

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VSGO Electric Air Blower Portable Rechargeable Vacuum Duster Cleaner 100000 RPM for Camera, Lens, Keyboard, Laptop Cleaning


[Innovative Electric Air Blower] Adopts 100000rpm high-speed turo motor, the wind power can reach 120km/h, and the dust removal capacity is 4.2kpa. Easily and quickly blow off dust from cameras and lenses. The 5-axis CNC carved all-metal fan blades, combined with high-speed brushless motors, can significantly increase the air output.

[Portable and Small] The height of the VSGO electric air blower is only 4.5 inches. It is easy to store and can be easily put into a pocket and taken with you. It can be taken out to clean the dust on the camera at any time between shooting.

[Equipped with Nozzle and Brush] Equipped with a removable linear flat mouthpiece and soft-bristled brush head, which makes the dust removal efficiency doubled. 1200 mAh battery, 60 minutes of long battery life, USB type-c direct charging, very convenient.

[Three Wind Powers and Two Modes] Press the button to blow the air, release it to turn off, or you can switch the long-term air outlet mode. Two modes can be switched freely. Wind speed 1:20m/s for CMOS cleaning. Wind speed 2: 29m/s for Camera lens cleaning. Wind speed 3: 34.5m/s for Camera host, flash cleaning. With LED lighting, the brightness can reach 36LUX, which can be used as an ash cleaning aid.

[Replaceable Air Purification Filter] The inlet filter can filter the air 99. 97% dust, pollen, meet one-way air intake, eliminate secondary pollution, eliminate dust intrusion. Industrial style appearance not only ensure function, but the pursuit of product fun experience and texture.

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