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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Touch Control Fridge Drink Cooler Cup

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Touch Control Fridge Drink Cooler Cup

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For Water/B-eer/Coca Cola/Coffee/Ice Cream Beverage, Summer Office Home Car Cold Drink Machine Rapid Cooling.Smart touch switch; fast cooling; lightwieght easy to carry;Can/cup can be placed in; 350ml large capacity.


1. This Fridge Drink Cooler Cup Adopt high-conductivity endothermic die-casting aluminum cold forging blade radiator. Large heat dissipation aluminum,effectively guarantee lower cooling and cooling efficiency to achieve the best cooling effect.

2. The method of use is quick and easy. After the power is turned on and the switch is turned on, the temperature of the metal dial of the base starts to cool down. If you use the aluminum cup directly, pour the drink into it to cool down.

 3. The food grade aluminum cup is made of high purity special food grade aluminum. It has the characteristics of light weight and strong conductivity. The b-eer beverage juice in the cup can be quickly exchanged for heat and cold to achieve the cooling effect.

4. The portable rapid cooler cup is perfect for you. With the size of 125x125x100mm, the cup cooler can be take to anywhere, such as office, school, travel, picnic, camping. And you use it in your car.


Product Name: Quick Cooling Cup

Product color: white

Control method: only touch

Rated power: 28W

Working voltage: DC-12V

Product net weight: 540g

Product gross weight: 740g

Host size: 125x125x100mm

Cup capacity: 350ml

Cup material: aluminum alloy

Cup size: 78x78x95mm 

Package Included:

1 x Cooling Machiine Host

1 x Cup

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