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Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Smart Cup

Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Smart Cup

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●Hot and cold switching
Intelligent three-in-one
Nordic · Ou Mu smart cup, always seeking the right taste of the human body. Do not make a function list
A follower, the creator of the three-in-one, switching between hot and cold, four
A good selection of light drinks in the season.
Ice drink: about 10 ° C, hot drink: about 55 ° C
★Base with · cans
Direct cooling
Ball games, can not do without brothers, skewers, crayfish, but also ice beer and fast
Lefei house water. 330-380ML canned beverages on the market
Used with the base.
Do not heat carbonated beverages to prevent accidents.

★Intelligent constant temperature 55 ° C
Double protection and peace of mind
Slow release heating, intelligent constant temperature function, hot water placement to cool down, cold water to keep
The temperature of the water is kept constant at around 55 °C.
Overheat protection: automatic control of power at the bottom of the cup over 65 degrees
Automatic shutdown: automatic shutdown after 24 hours of operation without key operation

★Wireless charging function
Enjoy a drink and recharge
Three-in-one smart hot and cold drinks machine, while enjoying drinks, you can also hand
When you put it on, you can enjoy instant charging. There is one less wire in your life.

★Click on the cooling ice town (blue light)
Ice drink around 10 °C
The entrance is cool and does not destroy the original taste
Press twice to heat (red light)
Hot drink around 55 °C
Do not burn the mouth without destroying the nutrients of the drink
Press three times (lights off)
Turn off heating/cooling
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