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Cafflano Krinder

Cafflano Krinder - Hand Grinder-20210528

Cafflano Krinder - Hand Grinder-20210528

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Krinder is the newest hand coffee grinder by Cafflano. The most affordable stainless steel burr grinder that allows you to grind coffee for every brewing method. Perfect for home use and as a portable grinder. 

Why Krinder? 

- Stainless Steel Burr

Made in Italy, precision-cut, hardnened, tempered stainless steel burr. Its sharp edges cut the beans instead of crashing them. Great grind consistency is also the result of central shaft stability. The burr and the shaft are stabilised by one-piece plastic element. The shaft goes through the housing from the burr to its top.

- Full Grinding Range

The stainless steel burr guarantees precise griding for every brewing method, from Turkish coffee and espresso, through pour-over brewing methods to cold brew. The grind size is adjusted with a convenient rotary switch with a scale from 1 to 8. The switch can be fully turned several times, which multiplies the scale. Long handle makes grinding smooth and easy. The hopper capacity is about 30 grams.

- Portable

Cafflno Krinder is the most compact grinder with stainless steel burrs on the market. It is lightweight (295g) and its full height with handle is 16.9 cm. Its body and lower container are made of plastic, it has a silicone cover and stainless steel handle. In addition, the handle is conveniently attached to the body for storage and travel. 

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