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K.SKIN KD9905 Eye Beautifier

K.SKIN KD9905 Eye Beautifier

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KSKIN RF Microcurrent Facial Massager Face Lift Devices Skin Rejuvenation Light Therapy Anti Aging Wrinkle Beauty Apparatus Tool

- Cleansing (cleansing) mode: Creates negative ions and positive ions to dissolve and remove dirt or makeup from the skin, pores and deep cells.
 Mode Moisture: (push essence) Time 3 minutes Use RF waves, have the effect of heat, nourish and absorb essence nourish skin cells.
 - EMS UP mode: (lift muscles) By applying EMS waves from low to high frequencies, removing wrinkles lifting the skin to become firmer
 RF mode combined with LED red: 2 minutes RF time to warm deep under the skin, red LED light has the function of restoring skin, increasing collagen to make skin structure firm and healthy.
 Mode COOL use with blue LEDs will pore, moisturizing the skin, blue led wavelength 470nm effective acne treatment, kill and prevent bacteria on the skin, prevent scarring

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