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KALEIDO Sniper M6 PRO Coffee Roaster

KALEIDO Sniper M6 PRO Coffee Roaster

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KALEIDO Sniper M6 PRO Coffee Roaster 200-600g Electric Coffee Roasting Machine for Coffee Shop Commercial Use

Brand: Kaleido 
Model: M6 PRO
Power: 2KW
Voltage: 220V/110V international wide-range voltage design
Roasting Capacity: 200-640g, max700g
Roasting Time: 6-15 minutes
Roasting Type: Electric Infrared Direct Fire
Heating Up: 22℃ per minute
Cooling: Three-minute rapid cooling
Bean Drum Material: 304 stainless steel

Control of Firepower: 9-speed adjustable  
Operation System:Artisan System 

Connection: USB/Bluetooth 
Operation: PC(Mac/Windows) or Tablet PC(Windows)

Size: 610*300*420mm ( L*W*H )
Net weight: 20KG(+Packing weight:32KG)

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