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Neakasa M1 Automatic Cat Litter Box

Neakasa M1 Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Neakasa M1 Large Low noise Odor Eliminator App Control Intelligent Electric Self Cleaning Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box

Why we make Neakasa M1

Traditional cat litter boxes and side-opening self-cleaning options available in the market often come with a host of common problems. These include overpowering and unpleasant odors that infiltrate your home and safety concerns stemming from smaller side openings, which can be particularly hazardous for larger feline companions.

Easy, Safe, Open-Top Access

M1's spacious 17” opening ensure easy adaptation for cats of all sizes, even for skittish kitties (>2.2 lbs), ensuring quick adaptation. It also allows you to clearly monitor your cats' toilet habits due to the roomy design. The open top maintains a clean interior, preventing remaining waste from sticking to your cats, and provides a comfortable environment for them.


Keep Your Companion Safe

The M1 is equipped with 5 pairs of infrared sensors and 4 weight sensors that accurately detect the activity of cats inside or even pressing the lower base. Any cat contact occurring during operation will lead to a pause to ensure cats' safety.

It automatically pauses its operation when a cat enters and waits for 15 seconds before resuming the cycle after your cat leaves, prioritizing their well-being and comfort.

Spacious Living for Cats

Worried about having cats of different sizes or breeds? M1’s perfect fit for multi-cat households! It accommodates felines of all breeds, ranging from 2.2 lbs to 22 lbs. Our thoughtful special kitten mode prevents automatic cleaning when it senses pregnant cats and kittens weighing less than 1kg (2.2 lbs).

14 Days of Scoopless Bliss

Don't stress about leaving for a few days. Neakasa M1's ample 11.23L trash bin eliminates the need for daily cleaning. With this capacity, you can confidently go on your travels, knowing your cat's litter box will handle the load for up to 2 weeks.tookfun

Spacious Litter Capacity

With a generous 7.17L litter capacity, Neakasa M1 ensures you won't need to rush to change the litter box when you're on the go. Enjoy the convenience of less frequent refills.

Neakasa M1 boasts a lower opening height than many other litter boxes. This considerate feature makes filling or refilling the litter box easier on your back and is especially beneficial for individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty lifting items to higher heights.

A Self-Cleaning Marvel

Neakasa M1 features a gradual self-cleaning mode that ensures thorough cleanliness. It achieves this by slowly rotating the outer shell of the litter box, allowing the litter and waste to interact fully and form clumps.

Pull & Wrap Waste Solution

Our smart design ensures a seamless, odor-free experience. A quick pull securely wraps the trash bag, leaving no traces or unpleasant smells. Goodbye to visible or lingering odors, and hello to a fresh environment with Neakasa M1.tookfun

Detachable Design, Easy Cleanup

Our fully detachable design simplifies cleaning, setting us apart from the competition. Say farewell to lingering odors and challenging cleanup tasks.

Cozy Mats, Cleaner Spaces

Your cat can confidently step out of the M1 onto the soft, clean mat, leaving no trail of ltter behind. It's a win-win for both you and your furry companion: no mess, no fuss, just comfort every day.

Product Description

Product Name:Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning 
Product Material: pp

Suitable pets: cats
Size: 23.01x20.67x24.96inch

rated power:24w
Sand bin capacity:6.5L
Capacity of the collection bin:11L
Operating noise:50dB

1. The cat litter box has a panoramic opening, and the 20kg cat litter box has unobstructed entry and exit
2. App control, capable of real-time viewing of cat litter bin status and implementing operational functions (automatic cleaning function, automatic burial function, sand bin cleaning reminder, cat health weekly report)
3. Cats in kitten mode weighing less than 1kg can be switched to manual cleaning.
4. Fully enclosed toilet compartment for odor isolation
5. When cleaning the toilet, there is no need to come into contact with dirt, as the toilet will fall into the compartment. You only need to pull out the bag to complete it
6. The split design is easy to disassemble and clean
7. The interior of the sand bin is made of silicone micro frosted material, which is easy to clean
8. The body is compact and can be accommodated in small units
9. One click clearance, convenient and concise

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