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O9 O-Nine Oil Diffuser

O9 O-Nine Oil Diffuser

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Does it support cash on delivery?

Yes,.We support cash on delivery, installment payment, credit card payment.

Is there a product warranty?

Hello, dear friend, we offer 12 months free warranty service. Beyond 12 months, we offer extra parts and 30% discount on all accessories.

Can I go to the warehouse to check the products and pick them up?

It is possible. You can contact Mr.leon for a pre-buy inspection at our warehouse or after-sales service. If you don't want the product, we will also give you a small gift to thank you for your support.

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  • Free warranty 365 days, old users enjoy 70% discount on replacement  parts.

Set the system time :

Adjust the time of the device so that it is consistent with the local time .the system time is 24 hours .

Press the SET key for the first time ,the hour digit of the time period flashes,press UP/DOWN to adjust the hour ; press the SET key for the second time,the hour is set ,the minute number flashes,set the minute, press UP/Down to adjust ; press the SET key for the third time,minute is set ,and the current working day flickers . Set the working day and press UP/DOWN to adjust . Press the SET key for the fourth time to confirm that the system time is set.

Set the operating period:

Press and hold the MODE key for 3 seconds .The 1(monday).2(tuesday).3(wednesday).4(thursday).5(friday).6(saturday).7(sunday) light blinks on the screen.Use UP or DOWN keys to select the duty cycle .After Selecting ,press MODE key,the interface displays"1"prompt to enter the first period pf time setting ,press SET key ,interface display "00" of the "00:00"clock flashes ,and the "Timing ON" light is on .Press the UP/Down keys to adjust the "Hour" of the device power on clock.after the adjustment,Press the SETkey. The interface displays the minute "00".Upon flashing ,use the UP/DOWN keys to adjust the "minute" of the power on time and press the SET key ; set the device to power off,the interface display "00" of the "00:00" clock and flashes ,and "Timing OFF"at the same time.

When the lamp is on ,Press the UP/DOWN button to adjust the "Hour"of the device power off clock .Press the SET key after the adjustment is completed.The "00" of the minute displayed on the screen is flashing .Use the UP/DOWN Keys to adjust the "minute" of the power off time .After finishing press MODE key to enter the second operating period ,the timing operation of the second operating period is the same as that of the first ,and the timings of the third and fourth are the same as above .

NOTE : the end time must be greater than the start time to make valid time setting.

Setting concentration

After setting the fourth time period ,continue pressing MODE until Cycle ON appear on the LCD screen-set the working time of the device for each fragrant cycle,from 5 second to 200 seconds ,press UP/DOWN once to adjust for 5 seconds.

continue pressing MODE until Cycle OFF appear on the LCD screen-set the stop  time of the device for each fragrant cycle,from 5 second to 900seconds ,press UP/DOWN once to adjust for 5 seconds.

For examply , you set work time 30S ,stop time 50S,it will work 30s  then stop 50s ,again and again in cycle
Technical Index
  • Color: White Color
  • Rated Voltage:Input AC100-240V/50HZ/60HZ, output 12V
  • Power:3.5W
  • Sound Volume:<25dba
  • Size: W217mm*D70mm*H218mm  Approx
  • Essential Oil Containing Volume:160ml
  • Suitable Place:Hotel/Restaurant/Office/Public places/Building ect 
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