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Petrus 1200ml Soft & Hard Italian Ice Cream Machine -20210518

Petrus 1200ml Soft & Hard Italian Ice Cream Machine -20210518

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Does it support cash on delivery?

Yes,.We support cash on delivery, installment payment, credit card payment.

Is there a product warranty?

Hello, dear friend, we offer 12 months free warranty service. Beyond 12 months, we offer extra parts and 30% discount on all accessories.

Can I go to the warehouse to check the products and pick them up?

It is possible. You can contact Mr.leon for a pre-buy inspection at our warehouse or after-sales service. If you don't want the product, we will also give you a small gift to thank you for your support.


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1200ml Soft Hard Italian Ice Cream Maker Machine Household Full Automatic Sorbet Fruit Dessert Yogurt Ice Maker


Product Features:
* Quickly make ice cream in 20 minutes
*1.2L large capacity, 700g ice cream can be made at one time
*easy to use
*Separated design, easy to clean
*Transparent splash-proof upper cover to observe the food condition at any time
* Compressor refrigeration can achieve the freezing effect, the temperature is minus 18 °, the production time only needs 20-30 minutes, and the hard ice cream is completed in one step.
Product parameter:
Voltage: 220-240V
Power: 135W
Capacity: 1.2L
Product size: 250*275*351mm

1: Start, after power on, press the power button to select the ice cream function to start.
2: Put in the ingredients and pour the required ingredients into the running ice cream machine.
3: Finish, 20 minutes to finish (Extend the refrigeration time alone to make Italian ice cream with a mellow and more layered texture)

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