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Portable Insulin Cooler

Portable Insulin Cooler

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Yes,.We support cash on delivery, installment payment, credit card payment.

Is there a product warranty?

Hello, dear friend, we offer 12 months free warranty service. Beyond 12 months, we offer extra parts and 30% discount on all accessories.

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It is possible. You can contact Mr.leon for a pre-buy inspection at our warehouse or after-sales service. If you don't want the product, we will also give you a small gift to thank you for your support.

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Mini Portable Small Refrigerator Insulin Medicine 10200Ah Battery Refrigerator Box USB Rechargeable Car Refrigerated Box( with gift portable bag)

Droduct Description:

1. Lightweight and portable, the LCD screen displays the time and temperature, the operation is simple, just press a button to work, and the elderly are also easy to operate
2. Alarm reminder: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, low battery. Large capacity battery: long standby time. Replaceable battery design.
3. Multi-function: it can be used as a small refrigerator for food preservation, and also as a low-temperature medicine storage box
4. Notes on insulin: The large capacity can store 3 insulin pens. Unused insulin can be stored at 35.6-46.4°F for 2-3 years. Used insulin can be stored at 30°C for 6 weeks.
5. Big inner size: 7.08 * 4.17 *1.57 in. Can put in 6-9 insulin pens, or 25 bottles,or 60 refills.Cold storage temperature: 2-8℃(35.6-46.4℉, operating temperature below 25℃(77℉)If the room temperature over 25 ℃,the case can`t cooler below 8℃.
6. Power supply: home charger / USB power cord


1. It can achieve a good heat insulation effect, keep insulin in a safe and cool environment, and can maintain the degree of 8-12 hours.
2. Small size, convenient to travel with insulin, energy saving and environmental protection.
3. This insulin box is made of environmentally friendly materials, durable and waterproof.

Product Specifications
Colour: Black
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 21.5*14*6cm
Inner size: 18.5*10*3.7cm
Weight: 2kg
Power: 15W
Voltage: 11V
Battery capacity: 10200mAh(package included)
Temperature: 0~18℃
Feature1 Medicine Carrying Case
Feature2 Car Refrigerator
Feature3 Cryopreservation of medicines

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