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Redroad V17 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Redroad V17 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Redroad V17 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Home Car household Wireless Sweep 155AW 26500PA Strong cyclone Suction 450W Double Brush

Redroad V17 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

LCD Smart Screen ,360° Rotation Brush Head,5 Stage Smart Screen,155AW Suction Rate,Dual Brushes Design,60 Minute Battery Life

New Generation design, Interpreting future cleaning technology

Product comes form the team that has won lots of international rewards such as German Red Dot iF,

The silver-black color design and LCD smart color screen create “Cleaning BLACK TECHNOLOGY”

Outlet HEPA with active charcoal

Effective deodorization make batter mood

Five filtration

Avoid secondary pollution by flying dust

Patients with allergic rhinitis do not need to worry about to use.

Dust filter as small as 0.1μm--separation efficiency 99.97%

Fifth-level air inlet, H13 activated carbon Hypa filtration.

Fourth-level air inlet, H12 Hypa high-efficiency filtration.

Third-level air inlet, 12 cones strengthening dust separation system.

Second-level air inlet, 0.55mm 304 stainless steel metal filter.

First-level air inlet, Hurricane grade separation filter.

Muti-color HEPA filiter cover

Personalise your own V17

Muti color Filiter can buy alone

155AW Rated Power Enjoy cleaning in with Super Suction

26,500Pa Suction Power

450W Rated Power

60 mins Endurance

120,000/m Motor rotate speed

Color LCD Screen | One button lock

Support 13 Different Language

Power Display, Machine state, Fault alert Consumable replacement reminder

Nineth-level noise reduction system Soft and pleasant sound, not annoying

1. Brushless motor reduces friction and noise

2. Mantolo noise reduction polymer cotton effectively absorbs high frequency sound waves

3. The top air outlet design reduces wind noise

4. Suspended motor reduces resonance noise

5. Optimize the return air duct to reduce high-frequency sound

6. The collective formation is tightly connected to reduce vibration and noise

7. Optimize the motor sound waveform to make the ultra-high frequency band beyond the range of human hearing

8. Dynamic balance noise reduction, reduce rotor vibration and noise

9. Annular exhaust structure design

Dual Motorized roller brush Deep clean the floor

1. Independent motor drive, spiral double-rolling electric floor brush, efficient cleaning of stains, fast and non-entangled, all kinds of ground can be cleaned by sweeping,

2. Detachable, can de-plug out the double-rolling with just a light press

3. Configure 4 roller brushes, 2*floor brushes, 2" carpet brushes

Universal movement

More effortless, the body does not rotate but only the brush head moves

Large capacity battery

With famous seven cell battery, provide 2500mAh capacity, no problem in using for 60 mins cleaning*(In ECO mode).

With credibility test, the battery are durable and stable.

About the battery

Removable Battery, easy rechargable

Battery only charging in the wall mount

Charging with the motor in the wall mount

Charging directly with wire

Easy cleaning brush, Stored under the dust cup Easy Get, Easy Use.

Dust dumping in just easy push on button the small brush stored under the dust cup can make you clean the dirt easily.

Dust cup and the filiter can also be washed

Elastic disassembly

The elastic disassembly menchanism makes removing the brush simple and convenient reducting the risk of finger injury

LED Crevice Nozzle

The crevice nozzle of V17 with the LED makes you never black in during the cleaning anywhere in your house

Dust Refracting lamp

To detect and clean the dust on the floor quickly the Dust Refracting Lamp are place before the Dual-roller brush

Easy folding duct

With the easy folding duct (will including with V17 package), will able you to clean easily under the coach, cabinet and bed.

Cleaning 3D Fufill all cleaning demand you needed

Dual Motorized roller brush | Floor cleaning

Dusting Brush | clean the Air-conditioner without climbing

Crevice Nozzle and Hose | Easy car cleaning

Electric Mist brush | Sofa and bed cleaning 

Wide Nozzle | Computer keyboard cleaning

Dual Motorized roller brush | Carpet cleaning

Product Packing List

Complete accessories is suitable for any scene


Model No: Redroad V17

Voltage: 25.2V

Power Rate: 450W

Battery Capacity: 2500mAh

Motor Weight: 1.62Kg

Charging Time: 3.5 hrs

Motor Model No: Space 3.0 Brushless motor

Endurance: 60 mins*(In ECO mode)

Suction Rate: 155AW

Filiter System: 12 cyclones self cleaning, 5 Layer HEPA Filter

Suction Power: 26,500Pa

Dust Cup Capacity: 600ML

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